When Do I Switchover?

This depends on where you live and which TV region’s transmitters service your area. Rollover the map below to find out when the switch from analogue signal to digital is due to take place in your area.

During preparations for switchover there may be interruptions to your television service due to planned engineering works.

When switchover happens the analogue signal will be completely switched off. To continue to watch TV and receive the new digital signal, a digital receiver is required (see digital TV options below).

Anglia - 2011
Border (Including Isle of Man) - 2008/09
Central - 2011
Channel Islands - 2010
Granada - 2009
London - 2012
Meridian - 2012
ScottishTV Central - 2010/11
ScottishTV North - 2010
Tyne Tees - 2012
Ulster - 2012
Wales - 2009/10
West - 2010/11
West Country - 2009
Yorkshire - 2011

Digital TV Options

The Subscription-Free Options

The Freeview, freesat and freesat from Sky TV services are the three options for UK TV viewers, giving access to a range of digital TV channels for a one-off cost with no ongoing subscription charges.

Freeview is a free digital TV service received over-the-air via a rooftop TV aerial (terrestrial TV). The aerial needs to be connected to either a digital TV (a telly with a built-in Freeview tuner) or a separate Freeview set-top box connected to your standard TV. There is a 3rd option - a Bush Digital SCART Adaptor (around £29.00 from Argos). The Freeview digital set-top boxes are cheap to buy but check that Freeview is available in your area prior to switchover and be aware that reception and picture quality may be poor in some areas or on some channels until your area switches over to digital. Our recommendation for Freeview boxes is TVonics who specialise in designing and manufacturing Freeview boxes.

Freesat is a digital TV service received via a satellite dish and currently broadcasts over 140 channels including HD channels from the BBC and ITV and is currently the only way to access high definition TV (HDTV) without a subscription. Other services available with freesat include subtitles, audio descriptions, interactive TV and more.</p> <p>If you already have a dish and cabling installed then there&rsquo;s a good chance you will be able to receive freesat &ndash; just connect up to a freesat set-top box or a TV with an integrated freesat tuner. When choosing a freesat box you should be aware that some of the cheaper models are not able to receive HD channels - which is the best advantage of the freesat service along with freesat&rsquo;s satellite range already covering 98% of the UK.

Freesat set-top boxes vary in price from &pound;50 to &pound;150 for a good Humax Foxsat-HD available from retailers such as Argos or Comet. The Humax freesat FOXSAT-HDR digital TV recorder from John Lewis not only provides freesat broadcast reception, but also offers up to 160 hours worth of recording with its integrated 320GB hard disk drive. It enables you to record 1 channel while watching another and to record 2 channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording.</p> <p>Of course here at Integrated Freesat we bring you information on digital TVs with an integrated freesat HD receiver from all the major retailers with regularly updated price comparisons.

Freesat from Sky offers over 230 digital TV channels but no HDTV services. The one-off payment of &pound;150 includes a standard digital box, dish (if required) and standard installation. There are no subscription costs.

Subscription Options

Digital TV services with subscriptions are available from:-

Sky Digital via satellite with a monthly subscription and a minimum-term contract.

Virgin Media - digital TV via fibre-optic cable with a monthly subscription and a contract.

BT Vision &ndash; digital TV via a BT Broadband connection with either a TV subscription or pay-per-programme

Top Up TV &ndash; digital TV via a Top Up TV Anytime recorder. There is a monthly subscription charge but no minimum contract.

More Digital Switchover Information

Digital UK is the not-for-profit company responsible for leading the UK's switchover from analogue to digital TV.

Digital UK digital switchover information from BBC

Digital UK digital switchover information from ITV

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Freesat HD

With freesat, High-Definition programmes are subscription free, so you get even better viewing at no extra cost.

All you need is an HD TV connected to a Freesat HD digital box, or a TV with integrated freesat HD. This site will give you all the advice you need to check out which is your best option and what TVs currently on the market offer an integrated freesat option.