What is 'Integrated Freesat'?

freesatfreesat is a digital satellite TV service allowing viewers to watch high-definition programmes without subscriptions or the need of a set top box. Along with HD programmes, freesat will offer enhanced HD interactive services and future expansion will see the addition of broadband internet applications. Once the equipment has been purchased and installed there are no further fees or charges involved. Since its launch in May 2008, freesat's popularity has soared. It's has been reported that freesat is available in over 200,000 households. The appeal of freesat is largely due to offering subscription-free high-definition programming.

Featured Integrated Freesat Televisions

Make / Model Screen Size Description
Panasonic TX-L37V20B Freesat LCD Television Panasonic
37" LCD VIERA Full HD LED backlit LCD TV with a wide 178 degree viewing angle, freesat & Freeview HD tuners. TX-L37V20B info
Panasonic VT20 Freesat 3D Plasma Television Panasonic
65" Plasma Large 3D Plasma screen with exceptional picture quality in full HD 2D and 3D with integrated freesat HD DVB-S tuner & Freeview DVB-T2 tuner. TX-P65VT20B info
Panasonic TX-L42D25B Freesat LED LCD Television Panasonic
42" LCD Full HD 1080p 42" LCD television with built-in freesat and Freeview HD tuners with a smart gun metal grey finish bezel. TX-L42D25B info

What are the advantages of going Integrated?

Integrating the digital tuner into the hardware as opposed to a separate receiver will improve the overall picture quality, unlike freeview, the manufactures and broadcasters agreed from the word go the system specifics. This should see a consistent quality and avoid unnecessary upgrades.

For those who have already bought an HD ready TV, you can still benefit from freesat as any TV set can have a freesat set top box added. Freesat also offers the only viable option for people in areas where freeview isn't available. Digital switchover is happening within the next 3 years across the UK with a complete loss of the analogue signal.

Unlike Freeview, freesat offers a broader range of channels and offers HD channels. Freesat is also available across the country which freeview still isn't!

There are now over 140 digital TV and radio channels available on freesat, including brilliant High-Definition programmes broadcast from the BBC and ITV. This will continue to increase over the coming months as the technology rolls out. Because the freesat service is a satellite based technology, the future capacity and expansion of the HD services is guaranteed. The future definitely looks good for the HD consumer!

Integrated freesat Television Suppliers

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More on Integrated Freesat

In competition with Sky Freesat and the subscription based Sky HD service, the BBC and ITV have jointly launched a new Freesat HD TV service, which offers subscription free HDTV, together with 140 free digital TV and radio channels available via the Astra satellite at 28.2E (the same orbital position as used by the Sky Digital platform - so you could use your existing Sky dish to receive this new service). This brand new subscription free digital TV service is not run or managed by Sky.

This site is designed to guide you to the very latest and best equipment necessary to receive BBC Freesat HD or Freeview (the UK's terrestrial digital TV service via your aerial).


Within the next 12 months the number of channels will increase to over 200, plus the BBC will be offering their iPlayer service giving you access to missed programmes.

freesat TVs by Brand

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Freesat HD

With freesat, High-Definition programmes are subscription free, so you get even better viewing at no extra cost.

All you need is an HD TV connected to a Freesat HD digital box, or a TV with integrated freesat HD. This site will give you all the advice you need to check out which is your best option and what TVs currently on the market offer an integrated freesat option.